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Using Offline Marketing To Drive Traffic

March 10, 2013 in Blog by admin  |  No Comments

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Using offline marketing to drive traffic

It is not at all uncommon to see businesses that are based mostly in the offline world, using the world wide web to take advantage of the business opportunities that are available online. Almost any big company, based for the most part, in the ‘real world’, will have at least some representation of it’s business online. Why then should it not be possible for you to do the opposite with your website, why can’t you find a way to take advantage of the extra web traffic that could be available to you by advertising your website offline?

Quite simply there is absolutely nothing to stop you, as a website publisher, from trying to find your site more web traffic from the offline community. For sure, it is possible to find the website visitors that you need in order for your website to turn a profit entirely online, but the fact remains that the more people you can get to visit your site, the more money you can potentially earn for your business.

Getting offline visitors to your website can be especially useful if you run a website with strong connections to a specific real world location, as targeting a localized region offline will very often prove to be more effective than attempting to do so online.

The best way to start your website’s offline marketing campaign in a localized community setting would be to approach a local business and see if they would be willing to lend you a helping hand. This can be done in several ways. You could offer to exchange ads, effectively asking the owner of a local ‘real world’ business to place a flyer for your website on their premises in exchange for you putting and ad for their business on your website.

Alternatively you could offer a small financial incentive to a local business. Offering to pay a reasonable amount of money to have your website’s flyer displayed on the walls of their business premises can often benefit both parties. You may even get really lucky and be able to persuade some business owners to display your ads free of charge.

Another method of offline advertising that is particularly effective in a localized setting is the implementation of a solid direct mail campaign. Posting leaflets through doors, or again persuading local businesses to lend a helping hand and stack a pile of your leaflets on their premises can be a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Leafletting can also be an effective offline marketing strategy for a wider, less locally minded advertising campaign for your website, though obviously the costs are likely to rise. You should not let this put you off however as it is very often the case that the most effective advertising campaigns cost the most to implement.

If you are not afraid to spend a little money in order to publicize your website to the offline masses then paper based advertising is not your only option. There are a wide range of products that could potentially lend themselves very well to you website’s offline marketing campaign. Keyrings, wristbands, pens, pencils, badge pins and T-shirts are all capable of getting your website’s brand name out there amongst the greater offline masses. If you are careful of how you go about things, you can make the general public themselves advertise your website for you simply be using these products.

Now, whether you choose to create flyers, post leaflets or create your own brand of pens or keyrings, it is absolutely vital that the look and design of the items matches up to that of your website itself. A good way of keeping on track regarding this issue is to think of your website’s offline marketing products in the same way as you would your site’s landing page. Stick to using the same fonts and colors as your main website. You want theses ‘offline’ visitors to your website to be sure that they have arrived on the correct site when they type your website’s url into their keyboards at home. When they see the same design and feel on your website that they do on the keyring or flyer they have seen, they will know that they are in the right place.

Which finally brings us to the most important detail of all, when it comes to your website’s offline advertising campaign, your site’s url. It goes without saying that in order for your offline marketing campaign to be successful, your potential offline visitors will need to enter the correct url into their browsers. Make sure that your site’s url is as clear as possible on everything that you produce and do not be afraid to display it more than once if the design of the product allows it.

Advertising offline can help you get more visitors to your website than conventional online methods alone and anything with the potential to boost to your site’s web traffic should be something that you at the very least consider.

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